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Chicano, F., & Alba E. (2011).  Exact computation of the expectation curves of the bit-flip mutation using landscapes theory. (Krasnogor, N., & Lanzi P. Luca, Ed.).13th Annual Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, {GECCO} 2011, Proceedings, Dublin, Ireland, July 12-16, 2011. 2027–2034.
Chicano, F., & Alba E. (2012).  Exact Computation of the Fitness-Distance Correlation for Pseudoboolean Functions with One Global Optimum. (Hao, J-K., & Middendorf M., Ed.).Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization - 12th European Conference, EvoCOP 2012, Málaga, Spain, April 11-13, 2012. Proceedings. 111–123.
Alba, E., Chicano F., Ferreira M., & Gomez-Pulido J. (2008).  Finding deadlocks in large concurrent java programs using genetic algorithms. (Keijzer, M., Ed.).the 10th annual conferenceProceedings of the 10th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation - GECCO '08.
Chicano, F., & Alba E. (2008).  Finding liveness errors with ACO. Proceedings of the {IEEE} Congress on Evolutionary Computation, {CEC} 2008, June 1-6, 2008, Hong Kong, China. 2997–3004.
Alba, E., & Chicano F. (2007).  Finding safety errors with ACO. (Lipson, H., Ed.).Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, {GECCO} 2007, Proceedings, London, England, UK, July 7-11, 2007. 1066–1073.
Morales, R., Sabane A., Musavi P., Khomh F., Chicano F., & Antoniol G. (2016).  Finding the Best Compromise Between Design Quality and Testing Effort During Refactoring. 23rd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering.
Chicano, F., & Domínguez-Ríos M. Ángel (2019).  Formulación Robusta para el Problema de Selección de Requisitos. JISBD.
Ferrer, J., Kruse P. M., Chicano F., & Alba E. (2015).  Generación de Secuencias de Pruebas Funcionales con Algoritmos Bio-inspirados. Congreso Español sobre Metaheurísticas, Algoritmos Evolutivos y Bioinspirados (MAEB 2015).
Alba, E., Nebro A. J., & Chicano F. (2002).  Heterogeneidad, WAN y Nuevas Aplicaciones de los Algoritmos Evolutivos Paralelos. (E. al., A. et, Ed.).Proceedings of the Primer Congreso Español de Algoritmos Evolutivos y Bioinspirados (AEB02).
Ochoa, G., & Chicano F. (2019).  Local optima network analysis for MAX-SAT. GECCO 2019.
Chicano, F., Daolio F., Ochoa G., Vérel S., Tomassini M., & Alba E. (2012).  Local Optima Networks, Landscape Autocorrelation and Heuristic Search Performance. (Coello, C. A. Coello, Cutello V., Deb K., Forrest S., Nicosia G., & Pavone M., Ed.).Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - {PPSN} {XII} - 12th International Conference, Taormina, Italy, September 1-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part {II}. 337–347.
Alba, E., & Chicano J. F. (2005).  Management of Software Projects with GAs. Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC-2005).
Ben-Smida, H. E., Krichen S., Chicano F., & Alba E. (2016).  Mixed Integer Linear Programming Formulation for the Taxi Sharing Problem. Smart Cities - First International Conference, Smart-CT 2016, Málaga, Spain, June 15-17, 2016, Proceedings.
Lopez-Herrejon, R. E., Chicano F., Ferrer J., Egyed A., & Alba E. (2013).  Multi-objective Optimal Test Suite Computation for Software Product Line Pairwise Testing. 2013 {IEEE} International Conference on Software Maintenance, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 22-28, 2013. 404–407.
Chicano, F., & Durán F. (2015).  Mutantes como apoyo para la valoración de pruebas. Jornadas sobre la enseñanza universitaria de la informática.
Stolfi, D. H., Cintrano C., Chicano F., & Alba E. (2018).  Natural evolution tells us how to best make goods delivery. (Aguirre, H., Ed.).Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (Companion).
Tinos, R., Liang Z., Chicano F., & Whitley D. (2016).  A New Evaluation Function for Clustering: The NK Internal Validation Criterion. Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2016.
Chicano, F., Cervantes A., Luna F., & Recio G. (2012).  A Novel Multiobjective Formulation of the Robust Software Project Scheduling Problem. (Di Chio, C., Agapitos A., Cagnoni S., Cotta C., de Vega F. Fernández, Di Caro G. A., et al., Ed.).Applications of Evolutionary Computation - EvoApplications 2012: EvoCOMNET, EvoCOMPLEX, EvoFIN, EvoGAMES, EvoHOT, EvoIASP, EvoNUM, EvoPAR, EvoRISK, EvoSTIM, and EvoSTOC, Málaga, Spain, April 11-13, 2012, Proceedings. 497–507.
Nebro, A. J., Alba E., Molina G., Chicano F., Luna F., & Durillo J. José (2007).  Optimal antenna placement using a new multi-objective chc algorithm. (Lipson, H., Ed.).Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, {GECCO} 2007, Proceedings, London, England, UK, July 7-11, 2007. 876–883.
Alba, E., Molina G., & J. Chicano F. (2006).  Optimal Placement of Antennae Using Metaheuristics. (Boyanov, T., Dimova S., Georgiev K., & Nikolov G. P., Ed.).Numerical Methods and Applications, 6th International Conference, {NMA} 2006, Borovets, Bulgaria, August 20-24, 2006. Revised Papers. 214–222.
Saborido, R., & Chicano F. (2015).  Optimización multi-objetivo basada en preferencias para la planificación de proyectos software. Congreso Español sobre Metaheurísticas, Algoritmos Evolutivos y Bioinspirados (MAEB 2015).
Chicano, F., Whitley D., Ochoa G., & Tinos R. (2017).  Optimizing one million variable NK landscapes by hybridizing deterministic recombination and local search. the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation ConferenceProceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference on - GECCO '17.
Lopez-Herrejon, R. Erick, Ferrer J., Chicano F., Haslinger E. Nicole, Egyed A., & Alba E. (2014).  A parallel evolutionary algorithm for prioritized pairwise testing of software product lines. (Arnold, D. V., Ed.).Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, {GECCO} '14, Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 12-16, 2014. 1255–1262.
Alba, E., Cotta C., Chicano F., & Nebro A. J. (2002).  Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms in Telecommunications: Two Case Studies. Proceedings of the Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computación (CACIC02).
Tinós, R., L. Whitley D., & Chicano F. (2015).  Partition Crossover for Pseudo-Boolean Optimization. Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Conference on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms XIII, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom, January 17 - 20, 2015.